Introducing the elegant.

One Page and Multi-Page's special. Introducing the attractive and interactive design.

Interactive Design

The advance and important role play in web-design is the interactive. Creating a stunning and elegance on every way of components and section.

The design and development is focused together to make a beautiful website combined with the technology to create desired user experience. Using complete dark-theme technology developed by WMB.Design itself.

Experience and feel the art of modern technology combined with intelligent on your website you own. It's suitable for your website that have more images then texts.

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Smooth transition and animation

Make life on your website by adding animation and transition on every section and pages.

Look The Transition

Animation on Web Design is not just for cartoons anymore. Animation is a trendy, fun, and . From full screen moving images to small hover effects, touches of animation are popping up everywhere. Animation is a trendy, fun, and user-friendly.

Interactive Website upgrade will give you wonderful page with animated on every images and texts, so the visitors and the users can have more experience from your website information, improve their read ability and memory.

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Improve Your Design


The upgraded into interactive web-design will let you have extra fonts and styling you want for you website. This will make your website differ from another normal website. Styling, animation, and images can have dynamic experience for your visitors. Also we will optimize on every algorithm and code to make sure that these improvement still could be handled by slow devices.

WMB.Design would also enhanced the quality of images, filter on, and selective on every single page that included on the package. These would increase the beautiness of the design and merge with the theme you want.

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Create Beautiness with Parallax

See the background image is scrolling relatively when your page is moving. Improve your web design with parallax effects. This depth illusion in a 2D Scene will make your web-design magnificent. You can find your parallax randomly in your section.

Upgrade into interactive website.

Upgrade your website now with Interactive Website. And get more visitors.

84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence.

Study and Research by Verisign 2015

Full Specification:

  • Advanced Theme Styling
  • Advanced Parallax Effects
  • Ambient Colour based on your theme
  • Enchanced Image Quality with Retina HD Support
  • Extra Font and Icons
  • Animation, Transition, and Effects
  • Enhanced website performance (transition processor)



Upgraded UI|UX design and interactive web page.

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