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Multi page and pro website for bigger website. Get what you need and start designing.

The Pro Multi-Page

Multi Page website or Pro designing has a multiple page inside the website. It's usually for those who has bigger projects, materials, and more information which could not be handled by One Page Design website.

There are a tons of great reasons for using a multi-page website, such as more attractive and interactive, easy in integration add-ons.

All you products, projects, and services will be fitted into the website, and you won't spend more cost for creating brochure and books and spend more papers. Save the earth :)

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Get Interactive Pages


The WMB.Design owned hundreds of the template components. We will mix it together until the charateristic is almost perfect to what you need. These will create a fusion of design that very unique and you will never seen it before, Come and get your interactive page to enchance your website look.

WMB.Design would also enhanced the quality of images, filter on, and selective on every single page that included on the package. These would increase the beautiness of the design and modern look.

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Multi design, tons of feature

Sneak peak a few of a vast from multi-page features.

Complete Full Responsive

Enchance the performance of every single page in multi-page design with full responsive. This feature makes your page friendly to near all device type thus, improve comfortable in reading.

More Interactive

Your page will be added an interactive components such as parallax and enhanced image resolution to make the visitors feels good.

Advanced Add-Ons

Your multi-page design has improved quality add-ons integrated in contact form. And we will provide more advanced add-ons on your website thus capable making your website as ready web-application.

Hosting and Domain Ready

You don't have to worry about renting or buying hosting and domain. We will provide it for you.

SSL Standard Security

Every page and every databases will be secured by SSL International standard to reduce the risk of being hacked and improve the security.

Pro Pagination Naming

Your multi-page website will be arranged it's navigation name and it's url address. Thus, it will help the visitors easier on remember the address.

Advanced SEO Optimization

We will take care every single page data and sitemap to be uploaded in Search Engine, so that almost 1 billion people can browse and track your website easily.


Our professional will take care upon designing to developing your website, while you can drink a cup of coffee. Happy client is our priority.

Multi-Page design with affordable price

Start building your own website and get much benefits. Save more money from printing books everyday.

84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence.

Study and Research by Verisign 2015

Full Specification:

  • 1 General Pages + 4 Pages, 3 Section each
  • 1 Advanced Premium Sliders (2 layers)
  • Gallery
  • Photo Editting (Web Friendly)
  • Logo Slider
  • Database Integration
  • Smart Contact Mail with Anti Spamming
  • Google Map Contact
  • Pro Naming Url
  • Social Media Link
  • Coming Soon Page Design
  • 404 Error Page Design
  • Add-Ons Ready-Integration

IDR6,950 K


Multi-Page Design for company which has larger services/products.

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